Bwin.Party Rogue Review

Bwin, for a long while proclaimed themselves as being one of the best online casinos in existence. Most agreed with this claim but Bwin typically failed to give the proper people credit for their rise to fame. The reality is that the main reason behind Bwin's success can be directly attributed to the multitude of affiliates which they employed. For years, faithful, dedicated affiliates brought hundreds of thousands of players to the site that, in turn, pumped millions of dollars into Bwin. At first these affiliates were paid well and were under the impression that they were highly valued by the online casino but new terms and conditions made being an affiliate for Bwin a progressively painstaking experience. The new predatory terms of their affiliate program means all new affiliates should stay away from,,,, and

Predatory Terms

Not only did Bwin.Party claim that the new terms and conditions for their affiliate program were "New and Improved", but they listed a plethora of other advantages that would be brought about by them. Like many other affiliate sites before and after them, Bwin.Party only gave their players minimal warning of impending changes; announcing the alterationss in the middle of September, 2010 and instituting them at the first of October in the same year. The reason these sites give their affiliates such a short-term notice for their "improved" changes is because they want to institute them before anyone catches on or even realizes how badly they are getting screwed. When the time finally came for the Bwin.Party affiliate program change, affiliates got an email that looked like this:

Dear All,
The day has come:
Oct. 1st is the launch date of our new affiliate program: bewinners, the affiliate program of the bwin group.
Think faster payments, a rewarding level program, high quality marketing tools, the strongest brand in the industry or in one word, simply: Yeah!
At bewinners, you can finally put your talent to the test.
Are you ready for the ultimate challenge?
Become part of one of the biggest successes in the industry.
-Your bewinners team

They gave the facade of a better program but when one delved into the terms it was clear that they were unfair and predatory for both new and existing affiliates. If existing affiliates did not abide by the new terms their affiliation would be terminated; some way to treat the people who helped build their brand. Now you can see some of the predatory terms for yourself as well as a description of why the term is predatory:

Commissions will be reduced to 5 percent on referred players 3 years after the player makes his first deposit-applied retroactively so players who have been with Bwin since Oct. 1, 2007 will be reduced to 5%this month.

This first term is a blatant theft of an affiliates deserved payment.

Players that fail to deposit within 90 days are removed from 's account and revert to Bewinners.

This term is basically saying that if your player remains inactive for a short period of time you lose your stake in the player you worked vigorously to earn.

If no online invoice is created by the Partner within 12 months after credit of the commission to his online wallet, the commission shall be forfeited and will be deducted from his online wallet.

This is even more obvious theft of funds being employed by bewinners.

The account of the Partner will be closed automatically and the contractual relationship is automatically terminated if during three successive months no new paying activities are generated by the Partner.

This term puts a quota on each affiliate, something that was never done before. If you do not fulfill the quota you not only lose additional players you might add and the funds attached to them, but you also lose any commission gained from players whom you already brought to Bwin.Party. Attached to these items are predatory terms and conditions that have been made in such a way as to give Bwin ultimate power and even more money than they are actually entitled to. For the full document of Bwin.Party, bewinners, affclub, partypartners, and bwinpartypartners new predatory terms and conditions all you have to do is go to and at the bottom of the page you can open a PDF that has all the terms and conditions.

What You Should Do

Moving forward, one piece of advice that you should heed is to avoid Bwin.Party and any associated affiliate programs because you will end up working a lot harder than you should only to gain a marginal amount of money; it isn't worth your time. The new predatory terms being employed by Bwin.Party work in such a way that they milk an affiliate for all they are worth and once the affiliate gains Bwin players and revenue, they kick them to the wayside without as much as a thank you. If you are an existing affiliate you should open your eyes as to how much you are being undersold by Bwin and how much better you could be faring as an affiliate for other online casinos.