EuroPartners Rogue Review

EuroPartners is yet another online casino brand name that is really beginning to frustrate the affiliate community. At this point it is almost an expectation that a site or two is going to unleash predatory terms and conditions for their affiliates, this is a tactic already employed by EuroPartners. Not only have the terms and conditions for hard-working affiliates getting worse, they are disguising them as "improvements" that will make your affiliation more successful; nothing could be further from the truth. If that wasn't bad enough, EuroPartners' affiliate managers are some of the worst in the business because when they do respond to your inquiries they send you on a wild goose chase, but in most cases your questions will simply be ignored. In more recent history their top management has vowed to restore complete confidence in the EuroPartners name but as of now it is a rogue site with predatory tendencies.

Lack of Communication

Any good affiliate program will have affiliate managers that are not only competent, but able to do their job at the highest level. EuroPartners is not a good brand and because of this they have continually employed affiliate managers who seem to not know what they are doing at all. EuroPartners is a shady brand but some of the skins they back are incredibly high quality, part of the reason prospective affiliates think they will make a bunch of money with EuroPartners. I have witnessed and heard about case after case where affiliates who had inquiries that went unanswered for a very long time. Sure there are a few decent affiliate managers over at EuroPartners, but as a new affiliate just about every one of them will be looking to take advantage of you. When EuroPartners released their new "improved" (predatory) terms and conditions for affiliates they overstated the commission amounts that were being paid to their affiliates. For example, if your commission percentage was 35%, the reality was that you were seeing no more than 34%; the same type of thing happened at just about every other level of commission too.

Hidden Stats

Seeing the stats of a player who you bring to the site is a crucial part of an affiliate's job because without those stats the affiliate doesn't know how much they should be paid, if they should be paid at all. At EuroPartners over the past few years there have been increasing reports of stats that have simply gone missing. Their affiliate managers claim that the missing stats are all part of account stoppages or closures, but it makes no sense that once a player ends his or her account, all of the historic statistics disappear. All in all this seems to be a bit shady, especially considering how common of an occurrence it has grown to be.

Payment Issues

When an affiliate is owed money, there is no problem with that person expecting to be paid as soon as possible. The issue you come across with EuroPartners is that they consistently neglect to pay their affiliates, and when they do pay, more often than not the amount paid is less than what should be paid. If you are having trouble getting your money from Europartners do not expect your issue to be resolved in a timely manner. If an affiliate manager does respond to you, which can sometimes take 5 days or more, they will likely give you a vague response that doesn't actually answer your question, thus delaying payment even further. While most affiliates do end up getting paid in the end, it is not until they jump through numerous hoops, receive no responses, and wait for a long time. On top of it all, a lot of times when an affiliate is finally paid, he or she receives an amount that is incorrect (usually less than what they are actually owed).

Looking Ahead

With the vast amount of complaints surfacing about Europartners, they wanted to address the issue of their affiliate program. They claimed and continue to claim that they are working on making their affiliate program better but the results just aren't substantial enough for anyone to believe them. If you are a current affiliate for Europartners it would be a wise choice to understand the new terms and conditions and how much worse they are then the ones you had when you first signed up. If you are a prospective affiliate, simply stay away from EuroPartners, there are plenty of other affiliate programs that will actually appreciate what you do for their brand.