Guru Revenue Rogue Review

Predatory affiliate programs are butting their ugly heads out into the open more and more nowadays as the worldwide gambling industry is trying to survive against its many opponents. Most of the online casinos and poker rooms that have become household names have done so by facilitating prosperous relationships with the affiliates who not only get the gambling site's name out there, but also directly draw in new players. It seems as though once certain sites reach a higher level of popularity they decide to slowly but surely get rid of, or diminish the presence of, their affiliate programs and in turn negatively impact the affiliates that did such important work for them. Guru Revenue is another site whose affiliate program has turned into a train wreck. As it becomes more and more apparent that the brand itself is going under, a majority of affiliates are reporting that they have not been paid in some time; in many cases not since July. In the following few sections we will discuss what Guru Revenue has been doing and how you can safeguard yourself from becoming another affiliate who is owed money that they will likely never receive.

Information Requests Ignored or Danced Around

When affiliates began to realize that they were not getting paid, something that started this past June/July and is still an ongoing issue, they took the obvious course of action and asked Guru Revenue directly what the problem was. At first it seemed that the delay was the legitimate consequence of a transfer of ownership and while affiliates were irritated many understood that these issues occasionally manifest. The customer support folks from Guru replied to most people's concerns in a timely fashion and typically the response was along the lines of, when we figure out the ownership transfer affiliates will be paid. The transfer of ownership was completed and even though affiliates were promised that normal payments would resume, more increasingly vague "delays" seemed to be the excuse the site was now giving. If this isn't enough to make you angry already, you will probably like to know that while Guru refused, and continues to refuse, to pay their affiliates, they continued to pay their players (many of which are only at Guru because of the affiliate programs).

What to Do Going Forward

If you are one of the many affiliates that has attempted to contact Guru directly I can tell you that it is probably going to be a fruitless effort going forward. Each and every time that a response to the delayed payments has been given, the excuses flow more and more freely. Up to this point there has been nothing but empty promises to fall back on and it is clear the Guru Revenue's affiliate program has gone rogue and cannot be trusted. For prospective affiliates the wise choice would be to do away with any thoughts of working with Guru as you are likely to waste time, effort, and money. If you are currently an affiliate you can continue to seek answers but you will more than likely be sent on a wild goose chase. It seems as though Guru has gone downhill and did not want to make the journey alone, so they took their affiliates down with them.