Ladbrokes Cuts Ties With US Affiliates

When BWIN decided to do away with its affiliates a few years ago many people were disappointed but not many thought that other sites would follow their lead. Quite recently Ladbrokes decided to cut ties with all of their US-based affiliates and implemented this plan on October 31st. While this should be surprising, the way many online casinos have been treating their affiliates lately it surprises few. A majority of people believe that this is just the beginning and that more and more sites will soon be terminating their affiliate programs.

How They Did It

Unlike other sites, Ladbrokes gave their affiliates a little bit of a notice that their affiliations would be terminated. While this may seem like a kind gesture, the reality is that they told their affiliates barely two weeks before their affiliations would be ended. The email many received looked like this:

"Dear affiliate,

We write with reference to Score, the Ladbrokes and LBapuestas Affiliate Programme in which you are currently participating.

We regret to inform you that Ladbrokes and LBapuestas have taken the business decision to cease commercial partnerships with all of our affiliates based in the USA.

In accordance with Clause 12.6 of our terms and conditions we hereby provide you with written notice that we are terminating our contract with you with effect from 23:59 on 31 October 2012.

Of course, all commissions due and payable to you in respect of the period 1 October 2012 to 31 October 2012 (if any) will be paid in full in accordance with the terms of our contract with you. This is in addition to all other outstanding commissions (if any) due and payable by us to you in accordance with the terms of our contract. Please do so by emailing with your payment details together with a pdf document on your company letterhead with the required authorised signatory on the account.

Please be aware that with effect from 23:59 on 31 October 2012 the licence granted to you pursuant to Clause 7.1 of our terms and conditions to display the relevant Ladbrokes and LBapuestas brand features and related content will terminate. Therefore we kindly request that you remove and refrain from using all Ladbrokes and LBapuestas branding (including, but not limited to, all of our logos, trade marks and trade names) and any other Ladbrokes and LBapuestas content from your website at all times after this date. Please also note that access from your website to our score platform will be blocked by us with effect from 23:59 on 31 October 2012 and therefore we also request that you remove all links on your website to the score platform with effect from this date.

Should you have any queries, please contact We would like to thank you for your efforts to date and we look forward to working with you again in the future where business circumstances permit.

Kind regards,

Score Affiliates Team"

This is yet another awful situation for not only Ladbrokes affiliates but all other affiliates because they will not be able to gain any money from the players which they brought to the site. On top of it all, the entirety of the work that these people put into their own affiliate programs is going to be worth nothing now and going forward. It is a complete disgrace that these sites are able to disregard the hard work and money that other people put into making Ladbrokes a decent site.

Why They Did It

Some believe that online gambling may be legalized soon and if that were the case most sites like Ladbrokes would no longer need affiliate programs to lure in new players. Some also believe that online gambling legalization in the US is going in the opposite direction and if government agencies decide to crack down more readily on sites offering services to the US, the presence of affiliates would make the government more likely to take action against their site. These are two different schools of thought entirely based on opinion and little factual evidence, but they are plausible nonetheless. If the US government did decide to take further action against sites and Ladbrokes did become a victim, removing their affiliate program would seem like a good idea for everyone involved, but realistically that is probably not the case. The reality of the matter is that Ladbrokes is just another greedy online casino who used affiliates and then decided to take advantage of them. While they did promise to pay any outstanding debts to their affiliates, the amount of money the affiliates will lose going forward is enough to make anyone angry. The most surprising part of the whole story, and all the other stories as well, is that these sites seem to not even care how their shady actions affect the publicís perspective of their site.