Bwin Exposed as Predatory and Rogued – Suspension

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This website exists for the sole purpose of exposing Bwin's predatory new affiliate program, Bewinners.
Before you join, please read the following report and visit some of the other websites we are linking to.

Educate yourself about the rogue behavior of Bwin and Bewinners! You'll be glad you did.

Read their Predatory Terms now!

Visit AGD or CAO for more details on Bewinners Predatory Terms.

Affiliates Beware - GPWA suspended Bwin sponsorship for violating code of conduct - Bwin Suspended
"after discussing internally we will not give the old T&C to your community." (Source: GPWA)

Players Beware - Casinomeister removes Bwin as an Accredited Casino - Casinomeister No Can Do List
"They have expressed to us that they will not discuss any player issues." (Source: Casinomeister)

Poker Affiliate Listings and Jeremy Enke supports the fight against Bwin - PAL Support
"They are royally screwing over affiliates and I don't understand how a publicly traded company this large
doesn't get it. Just the negative press alone in google should cause them to rethink things." (Source: Jeremy Enke)

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